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There is an expression that says, You do not have to reinvent the wheel, which means that no one needs to create or recreate something that already exists. It may even be a good rule of thumb, but many brilliant people have recreated and reinvented many things in such a way that surprised everyone, providing many improvements. They are like those inventions that you will now see. Check it!


Smart Lamps

These amazing lamps were recently launched in the market and claim to be revolutionary! They use LED technology to create efficient lighting and a different kind of control. The lamps are equipped with Bluetooth or WiFi, you can sync with your phone, tablet or computer and can control them from these devices. You will be able to turn on, off, the lamps and even change the colors of the lights.

smart lamps



Invisible helmet for cyclists

Created by a pair of Swedish design students, the invisible helmet is actually a kind of airbag that inflates instantly when the rider falls, protecting the skull and thus preventing it from head injuries and severe fractures.

invisible helmet


Folding Door

Created by Austrian artist Klemens Torggler, the door opens and closes with a slight push and can be made of various materials like: wood, glass, metal or plastic. Amazing it is, right?




The LiquiGlide is a non – toxic material that can be applied to various types of surface, leaving it with hydrophobic effect, i.e., impervious to liquid, preventing them from damaging the surfaces.



Lit Taken

The SnapPower is a socket that is apparently like any other but, when installing it, it is different from the others. It comes with a sensor and LED lights that turn on automatically in the dark. The advantage is that the lamps have a long duration and can last up to 25 years.



Edible Water

That’s what you have read. And this is not soup! It is a thin membrane made of seaweed, which can store water. And no need to twist the nose, as the edible seaweed is hygienic and biodegradable. It is an environmentally friendly alternative to plastic bottles.



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