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The logo of your company is a vital part of the corporate image. It is the hallmark by which your potential customers identify your brand on all occasions. The logo is a reference image. Something that our customers can identify in different contexts and allows us to differentiate ourselves from the competition. Many times we do not recognize due importance of a logo. The logo design should be a considered decision because it is the final presentation letter. Now check out some logical point about How to Design a Creative Logo;

  • An attractive logo should be simple and should not have surface decorative elements that are not essential to get your message as a brand.
  • It must be original, memorable and easily identifiable. The idea is to differentiate it to make your brand stand out above the others.
  • It must capture the essence of the brand with which to design it. It is essential to know both the brand and the objective towards the audience.
  • A good logo should be attractive to the target audience of the brand. The colors, shapes and symbols, must be adapted to the audience that your are targeting.
  • Must be reproducible to any size (be vectorized). Thus you can use on your business cards, for labeling purpose . If your logo is not vectorized, you will have problems if you ever want to tweak it, use it on a large surface, etc.
  • It must be timeless: Although the ideal is to have a logo that is timeless and survive the passage of time, small tweaks and upgrades are a good way to keep up and project a dynamic image.

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