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Technology evolves every day and when we expect least we are surprised with a new product, able to understand and satisfy our needs or even create a need that did not exist. Will technology be increasingly present in our everyday lives, shaping our behavior? Let’s discuss the five technologies that will be more influencing in our daily lives by 2020.


Artificial Intelligence

Favorite subject in science fiction movies, the AIs, which is already an existing reality, should and will become even closer to our daily lives. Yes you are right! That still we do not have robots behaving as if they are humans among us, but there are already many intelligent devices, such as the chatbot, the lawyer DoNotPay, which has received more than expected responses. This will cause significant change in several market segments, simplifying decision making. Industries such as healthcare, financial services, manufacturing and retail will be transformed by this combination.


Bitcoins and Blockchain

Bitcon is a virtual currency used in transactions made online. Unlike pay per ticket, where the buyer needs to go to a bank to make the payment and the seller takes a few days to receive the bitcon is a fast, inexpensive process and without the need for an intermediary. Although this type of currency is not so common to the great mass, the expectation is that in the future it becomes popular. Already Blockchain is a transaction database created in order to ensure extra safety to use Bitcoin. This feature can also be used by financial institutions to register assets, keep them up to date and make them available to regulators.


3d Printers

The tool is already being used currently, for printing personal items such as household goods and toys, and in medicine, with the printing objects used in prostheses and transplants. The trend is that this technology is improving and that even food can be printed by the apparatus. Hard to believe right? Be informed that experiments in this area are being conducted by researchers.



Robotics encompasses different forms of automation, including physical tasks, intellectuals and customer care services. By 2019, 25% of the functions in industries will undergo through a drastic change due to the advancement of robots.


Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality unsurprisingly are technologies in which companies like Facebook are determined to invest. The technology allows users to interact in real time with computer-generated three-dimensional environments through multisensory devices. Currently, the use of virtual reality is in games. With the Oculus Rift, for example, the player has the feeling of being inside the game. In the case of augmented reality, a well known example is the game Pokémon Go, which uses this technology to bring the pocket monsters to the real environment. Soon these technologies are expected to reach several other markets, such as tourism and education.

As we can see, these technologies are already part of reality; some way or the other, but they exist. However, it is that by 2020 they will become common, turning our routines like a highly fictitious movie.  What do you think? Share the word!