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The new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus were launched with aluminum cap in the colors black as coal, white, gold and pink (rose) gold. The smartphone has become waterproof and has an advanced 12-megapixel camera with flash on the rear and front cameras.

Water resistance; the lack of traditional headphones connector 3.5mm, a new camera, a slightly brighter screen, stereo speakers, two new black colors (Black and Jet Black), a new start button are the most notable new features.

In designing, the iPhone 7 must stop at the start button, which is new and more integrated, without mechanical travel. It is activated and responds to touch, using the Taptic Engine technology that Apple has been developing and improving for its products in different line. In terms of dimensions, iPhone 7 measures 13 cm, 6.7 cm of width and 7.1 mm of thickness. The weight is 138 grams.

Apple says it is 25% brighter, with brightness of 625 cd / m2, which will help it look better outdoors, while offering a wider color reproduction more (P3) and contrast of 1,400: 1.

The new operating system will move thanks to a new chip, the Apple A10 Fusion a quad – core chip. There is also improvement in the graphics processor, taking care of the issue of consumption and efficiency.

The iPhone camera debuts in July. It is not as disruptive to the above in Apple as the iPhone 7 Plus and its double sensor, but improves the sections where it had been far behind. The brightness is enhanced by optical stabilization finally included in the smallest model, while the opening of f1.8 becomes, in line with the best photographic market smartphones. The optical system is now composed of six elements, the ISP is developed by Apple itself, while the sensor remains in the 12 megapixels, but with much faster approach. The flash also receives a dose of news and now consists of four LEDs, and can offer up to 50% more light according to Apple.

Well the main thing is being sought is not to depend on cables, so the Bluetooth connectivity is the basis of communication between handsets and iPhone 7 now. There will be many brands, most of which will enhance its line of wireless audio equipment, including Apple.

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