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In an era of internet marketing we all have analyze the significance of it. SEO (search engine optimization) is a part of internet marketing. We have also analyze that every entrepreneur wants a good SEO for its organization to get a huge exposure and get business leads.

SEO is organic and here are few tips and tricks;

Do Keyword Research

The very first step is the keyword research. In this step, you have to choose the search terms or phrases on which you want to show your website on the first page on Google, Bing other search engines. If someone is offering the SEO services, then he/she have to find out those phrases or terms which people actually uses to get this service.

There are so many keyword research tools from which you can get good keywords like Keyword Shitter, Google Keyword Planner etc. The simplest way to find out keywords is to sign up on Google Keyword Planner. It has both options free as well as paid. From this tool, you will get an innumerable keywords suggestions, their search volumes, difficulty level and their CPC (click through rate)

For example, I noticed that “small dog toys” receives 590 monthly searches — higher than any other related combination of words. However, I’m still not totally ready to start writing about this topic. First, I need to do some research.

Competitors Analysis

After the completion of keyword research now you have to open another tab of incognito or private mode. The main reason of opening an incognito mode is cache (we do not want search engine to use our past search history).

Now, if you search the term “SEO services” you will see approx. 12 to 15 results in SERPs (search engine result pages). Ignore the ads, the organic results would be remaining 10. These ten results are your competitors. So analyze those competitors thoroughly and find out the good points and missing things in them.

Best Web Content

After the completion of above two steps now, it’s time to focus on web content. Analyze how your competitors have a content, in terms of quality and word count. This is the most significant part of SEO (search engine optimization) but it is very difficult as well. It must be eye catchy, unique and informative.

Good practice is to use LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) keywords in a web content. LSI are those terms or keywords which search engine semantically shows you according to your search term.

As we have heard the quotation “content is king”. It is absolutely true. Because google uplift those websites which have a genuine information and google bots pushes down to those website which have insufficient information or slow speed etc. And also the main thing is that how you use your targeted keywords in your content. For this, you have to hire a professional content writer who have skills to develop a good website content.

Keyword in Page Title

The very first thing which the search engine reads in SERPs is the title of a website. It is a good activity to utilize your targeted keywords in the title, so it is quite beneficial to uplift your targeted keyword on the first page.  Additionally, the title of the page must me attractive or catchy through which user must click on your website read your content. For example; if you insert these words; discount, 70% off, buy one get one free, free delivery, deal of the day etc. then the user will definitely click on your website to check the details of that offer or discount. In this way, you will get a good traffic and it develops great chances of lead generation.

Use H1 (Heading 1)

It is also a good practice that we can use keyword in the heading 1. It also helps in uplifting the keyword. It should be long, eye catchy or attractive. According to the rule, we can use H1 to H6, means there are six types of headings (H1, H2, H3, H4, H5 and H6). But for H1 we cannot use it more than one, the rest of them can be use more than one.

Image Alt Tag and Name

After the above mentioned steps, we have to focus on Alt Text. If your website have images then you have to set the relevant names to them. You can do it by the following ways

  • Image Alt Tag
  • Image Name

For example, you must change the name of image, it is quite simple. You just put the relevant name of an image before saving that image in your computer. If file name contains “65297-1.jpg” then you have to put the name like “best logo services.jpg”

On the other hand, the Alt Text is the thing which you assigned after uploading an image in your website. Do not be too technical just set the relevant name. The Alt Tag is just a simple text that the browser will show if an image can not be browse for some reason.

Keyword in the URL

The very first thing which a crawler reads is the meta title and after that it reads the URL. So you have to mention the keyword in the URL so that the crawler can easily understand that what the topic of this URL is. The keyword should be after the top level domain example “.com”, “.org”, “.net” etc. In simple words, which of the following URL will get a higher rank quickly

  • https:// www. example. com/ 6583910275
  • https:// www. example. com/ best-seo-service

If you are a bit technical then you will go with the second URL. Because it simple shows that this URL contains information about the SEO Services. In the same way, search engine will also give preference to the second URL rather than the first one.

Internal Linking

As we all know that the content is king. So we cannot compromise on it. For the convenience of the users as well as for search engines the pages which have the same industry must be internally linked with each other. This activity is also a ranking factor. In the recent times many experts do internal linking and their website are at the top of search engine.

strong>Do Link Building

After the completion of the On-page SEO, now we have to divert our focus on the Off-page, which we called back linking or external linking.

External links are those links which we put our website’s link on other websites, to show our existence. Search engines highly recommend those websites which have internal and external links. For example you can do external linking by the following activities;

  • Business Listing
  • Social Media
  • Guest Posts
  • Web 2.0
  • Forums
  • Question and Answer
  • Press Release

Do not make thousands of back links in one or two months, be natural, make back links with a sense. It will uplift your website within 2-3 months and you will get a good traffic as well.


The point which we have mentioned above is a check list for everyone but it is now a complete SEO there so many other technical things as well. These are the major things which every SEO must be familiar with them.

Hope that you will get a good knowledge from this blog.