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Hosting plays an important role in the performance of any website and that is why Thing To Know For Shared Hosting Provider must be known by every person who is connected with IT industry. If you are looking to build your first ever website and searching for WordPress hosting at an affordable rate, you have stepped in the right place. There is not only one type of web hosting but also several types of web hosting available in the market, and it is tough for you to choose only one of them. Some of them are VPS hosting, Cloud hosting, shared hosting, and dedicated hosting. If you are running a medium or small business, shared hosting is made for you. 

Shared hosting is made for small to medium businesses, and it does not require much space for a website. This type of hosting is affordable and easy to operate and doesn’t need a dedicated team to manage it. The business that you have can easily be supported by shared hosting without spending hundreds of dollars per month. There are tonnes of hosting providers in the market, but not all of these can fulfill your needs to run a website effectively. Choosing the exemplary web hosting service plays a significant role in your business and makes it to the company’s top. To have a secure and fast website, below are the points you need to consider while looking for a shared hosting provider;

Thing To Know For Shared Hosting Provider

WordPress Friendly Servers With Easy To Use Functionality

The hosting company you are looking for should be WordPress Friendly because the company which provides WordPress-friendly services has tools and proper channels for managing the complications throughout life. You don’t need to spend much time learning the installation procedures designed, properly functioning websites. So searching for those shared hosting servers that provide pre-installed WordPress if you are in a hurry and start your business in a short period is the best way to do it. Suppose you want to make your website look for the easy-to-use website builder in addition to the pre-installed WordPress. This is the time-saving step many website builders are providing easy to handle features and hundreds of beautiful templates for the website so you can build your website without spending time on coding. Furthermore, the services of the hosting providers should have a margin for advanced users. Allowing the developer to see in-depth and handle WordPress installation manually should provide one-click installation, allowing the developer to shift the content from one place to another. 

Servers Positioned For High Speed

Make sure the server you choose has stable and fast speed, faster websites ranked first, and ranked websites get more customers that need to be replied to in seconds. You should know about your selected company that what time of hard disk they are utilizing in giving the services to their customers because many hosting companies are using a hard disk drive (HDD) which is slow and cannot work and bear many tasks at a time leads to make its speed slow. On the other hand, the companies using Solid State Drive (SSD) as primary storage give you 6 to 20 times faster rate than ordinary HDD. In modern days the companies are using NVMe, Non-Volatile Memory Express, which makes the server super fast because of its manufacturing design to consume less and prevent itself from heating as this makes the server down. The NVMe is the next generation and modification of the SSD.

Next-Generation Technology

Your hosting service should develop in tandem with WordPress. Because your server’s technology is obsolete, you shouldn’t have to uproot your entire website. By choosing a host with next-generation technology, you can be assured that your shared server will be capable of handling all future versions of your website. It’s critical to have the greatest server-side technology possible to control the newest versions of WordPress and the plugins used on your website. To ensure your website’s secure and quick performance, your shared host should offer the latest versions of MySQL, MariaDB, and PHP in addition to high-speed server technologies. The design of UltraStack server configuration is for a single content management system’s components (CMS). It was created with WordPress in mind, but it currently supports various other major CMS platforms.

Ease Of Scalability

To handle brands much traffic at a time, the server should be expandable and bear the traffic. You should not require the second hosting service as it would be a costly and time-consuming step. Today you may be running a server with little traffic a day, but what if in the future you would have a lot of traffic at a time? Therefore, choose the appropriate server once to secure your time and money. Moreover, if you have several websites, you should keep them in one place to manage, or if you don’t, you may need the future to address the websites from one place so, keeping your websites in one place plays a significant role in saving consumption of the server. The quantity of material on your website will increase as your company expands. Effective volume content needs more space. Your business may start to sell many products in the future, so the animation with video, audio, support documentation, and sales content plays a significant role in increased sales. Therefore, shared hosting provides you unlimited storage for your content to be advertised, making it worthy. 

High-Value, High-Impact Offerings

Website files and databases may usually be backed up at any time with hosting plans that have cPanel access. It may be helpful for you. Look for hosting services that allow you to backup your website manually or automatically guarantee that your stuff is safe. Think about the hosting server that you have chosen. Are they offering features and services beyond the standard one? Below are the tools and services which lead your business to the top,

  • Uptime of 99 percent: A more significant percentage of uptime indicates that your website is accessible to transform visitors into consumers.
  • cPanel Access: You will have complete control over your website’s files, databases, and other options if you have access to cPanel.
  • Free SSL: Having SSL enabled on your website should give a secure experience for your website visitors and clients.
  • A Money-Back Guarantee: If you are disappointed for any reason, most web hosting firms give a 14- to 90-day money-back guarantee.

24/7 Support

Another significant aspect of choosing a suitable hosting company is that the company should provide 24/7 customer services whenever you want because websites can have problems anytime, so your selected hosting provider is ready to tackle it on the spot. Unfortunately, not all forms of assistance are equal. Many hosts will advise you to hire a developer when a difficulty emerges. Self-service support alternatives, such as an extensive knowledge base, should also be available from your host. The hosting company should have trained staff for making their service long-lasting by giving their customers feasible and helpful assistance.

Multiple Layers Of Security

As the internet is not a safe place, there are tons of cyber crimes happening daily. Therefore, the security of your website should be your priority to save your data and your visitors from cyber attacks. The hosting company should provide the guarantee to support and secure your website. Here are some examples of what you should look for when evaluating shared hosting security options:

  • Secure Data Centres that safeguard your company’s information.
  • Preventing DDoS attacks helps avoid website performance concerns or downtime.
  • Security screening to keep hackers and viruses at bay.
  • SSH is used to get access.
  • cPanel access and SSL certificates are provided for free.


In conclusion, the one looking for the hosting company should look upon the explained factors before availing of the services and investment. The hosting company should be WordPress friendly, so the developer does not need to make websites. The company services should include a fast server and modern technology like NVMe. They should provide security to your website as the website has a significant amount of investments, so there should not be any risk related to cybercrimes. Furthermore, the server that the company provides should be expandable and scalable, so you don’t need to increase your number of websites because a large number of websites is not manageable and becomes challenging to manage. Your chosen hosting company should provide incredible templates and designs which attract visitors to spend time on your website. In addition, customer service support is essential because the website may need assistance whenever it becomes problematic, so you should not wait for your hosting company to reply. Their fast reply and trustworthy aid can make your website secure. So make sure of these factors before choosing the hosting company as you will be investing your worth money, so research before doing so. Hopefully, this article will help select a good and trusty hosting company.

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