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As we have heard a lot about structured data. Today, we will explain this term in an easy ways. The term structured data is an identical or ideal format which shows relevant information regarding the website and it also identifies the content of a website. The easiest example is, we have seen recipe pages which contains the time period of cooking, ideal temperature, ingredients etc. Google mostly uses an example of recipe and author because it is easy to understand

At time when we generate a website, it is very difficult for every search engine to find it hard or quite difficult to understand the specific elements of a web page. This is the main and actual reason that people setup the structured data for their websites. Through structured data search engine can easily understand the actual products, services and content of a web page. Currently, it plays a significant role to uplift the website and also users also attract when they see the rich snippets which shows in the SERPs (search engine result page).

For instance, structured data helps you to list down important information about an organization like; address, name, contact number, email address etc. There is an option to add these information in structured data;

  • Services
  • Events
  • Products
  • Articles
  • Recipe
  • Software
  • Reviews
  • Ratings

Structured data is an HTML (hyper text markup language) code and it is placed in the header. In the below mentioned image, you can easily see and understand the purpose of structured data. Visitors can imagine the authenticity of a website and they definitely click on these rich snippets.

The red highlighted lines comes from structured data and shows the rating, reviews etc.

For the perspective of SEO, structured data creates fabulous results in the form of clicks. Plus it also increases the CTR (click through rate). Another factor is that it can provide best and required information about a brand or a company. In fact, it is a great way to attract visitors.

Google’s algorithm is very crucial, so you have to explain each and everything about the structured data which you have insert in the HTML. You can test a website by google highlighter tool which exist in google webmaster.

For generating structured data, you can use these type of formats (data marked up via data highlighter, micro formats, RDFA and micro data). The most authentic tool is, this is not only authenticate by Google but also by Bing, Yahoo and others. At you can find different types of structured data.

There is no need to be an expert or professional developer, just a little know how required for coding. There is no need to be a champion of English, instruction are available in different languages as well. You just have to follow the instruction so that you can create your own code.

How Google detected the data?

  • First you have to open google webmaster tool
  • Got to “Search Appearance” in the left side menu
  • Then click on “Structured Data”

Why structured data makes sense for SEO?

  • From the perspective of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) it is an easy way to explain the google about the NAP (name, address, phone number) of the website.
  • From the insertion of structured data the visibility of a website in the eyes of search engine will increase.
  • Click Through Rate will become better.
  • Help out in ROI (return of investment).

Now let us know what do you think about structured data? And how it it be beneficial for the businesses. Need your thoughts!


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